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When a simple package delivery containing a world changing device goes totally wrong, the dynamic between two old friends gets tested. For the better... or worse.

Daniel Rutherford’s life is about to take a turn to the strangest when is prompted to keep a package delivered by mistake on his front porch.


Daniel is a brillant yet broke entrepeneur, inventor of revolutionary biometrical proesthetics on the eve of finally securing the funds he needs to launch his love project and insure his and his expectant wife, Nathalie, a better future. Nathalie, being the breadwinner for the couple for so long starts to push Daniel to grow up and makes better decisions. Nonetheless, she knows the unspoken truth behind Daniel’s obsession to see his researches, finally acknowledged, applied to the every day citizen with a handicap. His best friend is limping since college. 


But when the mysterious package tricks him in an unspected and unpleasant way, Daniel’s hopes seem crushed as well as his finances. 


Franck not always the best influence urges him to use the device found in the package that caused him doom to settle the score and get back on track. 


Unbest to their knowledge, Daniel, Franck, Nathalie and an unlikely ally get pulled into an intrigue far beyond their comprehension. 


They are now on a clock to save their lives as well as the device... unless the Cube is the ultimate threat...

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