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Return Tickets is a complex sci-fi drama that brings life to London in 2075. It follows the story of Jack Starck, a dedicated scientist and well-meaning but absentee family man trying to right the wrongs that he hasn’t even committed yet. The story starts from its first opening moments in seeing giant tubes leading from London up through the sky. When he goes back to home, Jack will do anything to avenge his murdered wife...

London, year 2075. Jack Starck is the head Physicist on ISS-4, an orbital out-spot connected to earth. Jack is desperately tries to make progress in the researches he's conducting with his young friend and colleague, Venus Clark, on Anti-Matter, trying to use it as a clean source of energy for the greater good. Tired of the everlasting failed results, Venus convinces him to go back home to his family in an attempt to make him rest a little and take a step back.

But when Jack finally makes it back on earth and on his way home, his phone conversation with his wife is suddenly cut short.

Jack returns home in a panic to discover the lifeless body of his wife. As he tries to process what is happening he catches sight of a shadow fleeing the scene.

Overwhelmed by rage and pain, Jack embarks on a chase with the intruder through the streets of London. On the verge of catching him, Jack ends up falling through time in what appears to be a parallel reality. An obscure and desolate place looking like a scene from the apocalypse.

Disoriented and lost, Jack tries to make his way in this strange place but when he finally comes face to face with the fugitive, he has to come to terms with the fact that his wife's murderer is no other than himself.

Navigating through this place and time he knows nothing about, Jack is now running out of time to desperately try to fix the mistakes he technically hasn't even make yet.

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