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About us

Cyril Simonnot & Nicolas Di Francesco are both screenwriters. They met in year 2 000 and shared immediately their passion for the sci-fi movies. They decided to mix their talents to write a first feature script : RETURN TICKETS.


In 2016, the script was awarded as the BEST UNPRODUCED SCRIPT at the International Film Festival in London. Many nominations came : Oaxaca FilmFest (Best feature script, best sci-fi script and best original concept), Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival, International Film Festival in Nice, Semi-finalist at the Silent River Film Festival...

Consequently, they wrote "THE CUBE", a story in which the heroes have to make a choice between an extraordinary machine and their friendship. For this second collaboration, Cyril and Nicolas strive after nominations and prices all around the world.

Independently of each other, they express their talents through individual work :

Cyril is Film Director as well. His short-film, ALCOHOL WAR, will be coming soon (more here).

Nicolas is also Film Director & Musician. He directed two music films (here) for THE FALLING WHALES, his own music group.

...and a 3rd feature script is in progress...


Nicolas Di Francesco

Cyril Simonnot



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